Thursday, November 11, 2010


Here are some realizations I have made this past month:

1. There is only 8 more days until Thanksgiving and then I will only have like 3 weeks until the end of the Semester.

2. Communication is the number one thing that makes me happy.

3. I really am in the right major and I could do this my whole life. Also BYUI is really the best program to be in and I will most definitely be able to find a job for my internship and when I graduate.

4. I still don't know what I am going to be doing this summer which kind of bothers me.

5. I will only have five days after Thanksgiving Break to finish my project.

Now that i just realized that i am going to go map out my weekend. lol


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everyday is a Lesson of Life

Sometimes I forget how young I am when I think about all my life experiences and what lessons I have learned from them. I look back to my first year of college and kind of chuckle about how I thought I was so ready for relationships and dating. Now after having the past two very potential relationship end in life changing experience ways, I truly say that I have grown and learn how to deal with life's lessons. I can also say i am truly excited to see what else life has in story and what decisions i will get to make. I appreciate all my ex potentials and friends and everything they done for me. Also I am glad that all them I still am in contact with and can still call them friends.

Love my life and it loves me :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

stress is just another way of saying your living a life that you care deeply about

At work once again. The only place that I have that I can relax enough to wrap my head everything that I need to do with my life. I think I have made the mast majority of my commitments, life plans, goals and pacts sitting in this chair. My hands and tips of my toes are frozen because it is soooo cold outside. In about a little for an hour I have my International Relations midterm. It is going to be very interesting because it really a bunch of writing paragraphs on questions about how a event shows the a couple of the human nature views and my own opinion. I really hope I can do well with it.

After this next week Interior Design is going to slow down considerably. I will be getting my final for Brother Parson and Sister Harris. Brother Julander will just be giving us simple weekly assignments and I will just have one more report for Materials and Sources. Then in International Relations we will be starting the Stimulation Game which should not be to hard at all. I just keep saying this in my mind, "One more week, one more week" and I know I will be able to make it.

Some other fantastic, fahbuless things happen this week but I will keep in on hold until a later date :).

Love Elaine

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Such is the life of an Interior Design Student

This past weekend I received an awesome opportunity to attend an all day Interior Design Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. It is was a very long day but I was able to meet professionals and visit other students from the Intermoutain ASID chapters. It was fun to see what the other school are teaching their students and what their projects are looking like. We had a mini competition with the Junior and Senior Projects. Our school came out on top with one person winning third and the other first.

On Monday, a representative of the Stark Carpets, the people who design and make the carpets for the church buildings, schools and temples, came and taught us about their products. It was very interesting to hear about innovative technique of making rugs and carpets and their new technology in painted murals that you can stick on the wall like wallpaper and then modify it to your hearts desire.

I am so tired and I will not be able to get an rest until Thursday when all my projects are turned in and I don't have to worry about them until Wednesday of next week. I am speeding very quickly towards it and hopefully will find sometime in their to organize my room and life. Because that is all going out the window because I am trying to keep up on the work and stay awake. BUT I WILL MAKE IT!

One of the things I decided to do to make my life more enjoyable was I made the building that I have my classes in and work until one in, a facebook profile page and put us in a relationship status but truthfully we should be engaged by now we spend so much time together. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010


I have decided since I am getting behind on my journal writing and my letter writing to Ethan, I am going to start writing blog entries here on the computer and then copy pasting them into emails to Ethan. Then I can make a book with all my blog entries to make a journal.

This semester we have moved from the basic skills of Interior Design to full throttle this what you do in this major projects and assignments. To me it is amazing what I am able to produce and come up with. Each project I start with oh wow I will never be able to complete this. Mostly because the steps that we have to take to achieve the project are the first time that we are doing them and we have gone over them briefly in class. A lot of self teaching of how to create specifications, finishes and schedule sheets for building.

In my International Relations class, we have gone over all of the different theories of why war happens and the difference theorist views people can have. It is very interesting and I am learning a lot about past politics and how we can analysis what is happening today from the past.

My apartment is pretty good. I never see them because I am at the department until one in the morning or going out with friends to hang out and enjoy doing crazy things. I am the youngest out of my apartment because the next girl is trying 21 this next Wednesday. All the girls are Juniors and Seniors, two of which are graduating this semester and one that is going to do her student teaching.

My FHE brothers all served in Ethan's mission area and know the mission president and everything because they have only been back for a month. I think Ethan will really enjoy it because of the stories they have told me and things that they have done.

I have talked to my advisor in the Interior Design Department and I have mapped out my plan if I decide to go on a mission. I will leave as soon as my second semester of Junior year is over, then I will come back and do a short internship. After my internship, I will do my last two semesters, graduate and start work in the field as a graduated Interior Designer, study for my NCIDQ and work on my masters and law degree.

I also this week finished my petition paper to be able to add a minor in Political Science to my transcript to make it easier to get into another school to finish my Political Science degree and start on my Law Degree.

This past week boys and dating have become nonexistent because of my homework, classes and work. I literally have three jobs: 1. School from 7 until 5 2. Work: 11-3 3. Homework: 8-1am
Yeah it is packed.

Well that is all that is new to me right now hopefully I will be able to sleep and relax sometime soon :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Half Way Point

Summer is great when it first starts up but then half way through you just wish to be back at school, for mostit because they want the independent life back for me, it is the projects and the assignments from my classes. i miss having the continuous list of things to do and making to do lists. i misss the stress and high paced living that being in the Interior Design program brings. I think this week i am going to strive to make myself a todo list this week.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a Great Work Day is

I am sitting in the silence of my office. There have been no calls and I am listening to conversations from influnitial people in the church. Studying my interior design textbooks and reading old notes. Relaxing and worrying about nothing it is very peaceful and nice and way better then this morning was. I wish everyday was as great ad this one, that would be nice =) I not sure what my plans are for tonight but I am the point that I kind of don't care that is saying something lol. Well peace out!